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Ga In’s “For You Not To Know” video, “Is it too sexy?”

Songwriter Yoon Il Sang’s 4th digital single album of I’m 21, the 21st anniversary album, will be released today on several online music sites at midnight.

The album includes Ga In’s song “For You Not To Know” and No Brain’s “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” A suggestive music video for Ga In’s song was released today at 10 o’clock in the morning on Gom TV and was surrounded by controversy.

The video is about a man who feels sad about his girlfriend’s death. He tries to smother his grief with another girl. In the beginning of the video, the girl who died expresses her sadness but the second half of the video portrays a man and a woman simulating intercourse.

People who saw the video responded: “People under 19 years old are not allowed to see the video.” “This is too suggestive. I wonder what the result is going to be.” “I don’t know if they performed so well but it’s too realistic.”

Lance, the producer for the album, says, “I’m worried that the video won’t pass the deliberation because it is more suggestive than I expected it to be. I hope that people have the chance to see the whole plot not just the suggestive scenes. But the biggest thing that I’m worrying about is if the video can’t pass the deliberation, people won’t even be able to watch it.”

Many people are paying attention to the video, starring new actors Lee Jong Ho and Ahn Eun Jung and popular model Ji Ho Jin, to see if it will pass deliberation or not.

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