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City Hunter’s Park Min Young is highly praised by the production crew for displaying her fighting spirit to create a best scene in the sea.

City Hunter’s production team reported on July 21 that for the 18th episode of City Hunter, Park Min Young gave an impassioned performance in which she was stuck in the sea with her hands tied.

The shooting was conducted at the aquarium in the 63 building late at night when there were no visitors. The scene starts when Na Na, played by Park Min Young, is trapped in the water as the result of an evil scheme. With both hands tightly tied, she faces a life-threatening situation.

She is highly praised by all the staff because she never held back in creating a great, thrilling scene in the water. Because of the tight shooting schedule, actors have lost their stamina, but it is said that Park succeeded in doing the challenging scene without the least hint of exhaustion. The result was amazing, of course.

An interested person said, “Just performing in the water can be difficult for actors, but the scene required her hands to be tied. It must have been tough for her, but the great teamwork led to a great result. It will be one of the best scenes in City Hunter.”


By Moon Yeon-bae


Source: Star News (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Star News
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com