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City Hunter’s reversal – Na Na shoots Yun Seong, not realizing who he is

On the June 15 episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama series City Hunter, Yun Seong, played by Lee Min Ho, succeeds in catching Seo Young Hak, a member of the National Assembly.

Just when Yun Seong has rendered Seo inconscious and is about to take him away, Na Na, Seo’s bodyguard, played by Park Min Young, cries out, pointing the gun at Yung Seong, “Hold on there!” Na Na’s shout makes him break off for a moment. Na Na says again, “I’m giving you a final warning. Don’t move!” But Yun Seong moves anyway and Na Na unhesitatingly fires at him. Yun Seong is shot in the shoulder and staggers, groaning in pain.

Na Na has shot her secret admirer, Yun Seong, without having a clue to who it is she’s fired on. The tragic confrontation aroused much interest among viewers.

People left such comments as: “What a thrilling plot!” “What did I watch? I felt like I was watching a blockbuster movie.” “Their action is something.” “I’m so intrigued by what might happen to them.” “I cannot help expecting another reversal.”

By Park Jin-yeong (neat24@tvreport.co.kr)

Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVreport
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com