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City Hunter touches on such social issues as risky working environments and unfriendly service manners

On the July 14 episode of SBS’s popular drama series City Hunter, a little child appears whose mother is a laborer diagnosed with leukemia because of the risky working environment of the semiconductor company where she has worked. Na Na, played by Park Min Young, takes the child to a cosmetics shop so he can get her mother some lipgloss because he thinks Na Na’s glowing lips are pretty.

The child has saved some coins in his piggybank. He decides to use the coins she’s saved to buy his mother lipgloss, but the banks are not open at the time. When the clerk in the cosmetics shop sees the coins, she bluntly says, “We cannot accept these coins. Can’t you see there are other customers waiting for their turn?”

Na Na says, “Then we’ll count the coins for you. That should solve the problem, shouldn’t it?” The clerk responds, “Sorry, but I can’t accept that amount in coins. Why don’t you come back later with paper money?” Na Na strongly demands, “What makes you think that these coins are not money? Give us the lipgloss for these coins, please!” Just then Yunsung, played by Lee Min Ho, enters the shop and hands the clerk a check for 10 million won.

The clerk gets annoyed at them, saying that she can’t give changes for such a big check. Yunsung spitefully remarks: “You shouldn’t belittle the child for trying to pay in coins. You should apologize to him. You’re not qualified to work as a salesperson, because you’re inclined to try to understand what your customers want. Your service manner and personality are not worth a single coin.”

The clerk finally acknowledges her mistake and apologizes to the child.

By Kwon Hyeok-gi (khk0204@tvreport.co.kr)


Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVreport
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com