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Goo Hara of ‘City Hunter’ makes quit a splash

The staff of the new SBS drama series City Hunter are in a happy dilemma.

Goo Hara of Kara is playing the role of the president’s daughter, Choi Da Hye, in the series. The daughter does not like living in her dad’s shadow and is an active character. Goo was the appropriate actress for such a role.

At first, Goo was not a regular member of the cast but more of a special guest, because Da Hye does not appear much in the series.

However, even before the series started, it gained attention due to her appearance, and Goo’s lively, active character was made her likable. Now her role in the drama is to get bigger.

A staff member at Goo’s agency says, “At the end of June, Kara will release a new single in Japan. Goo has to be in Japan for about half a month so for now it seems she won’t have the time to appear in the series. We don’t know if the her role will get bigger. That will decided based on how the Japan schedule goes.”

Source Nate by Ye Sul