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‘City Hunter’ airs its series finale

The popular SBS drama, ‘City Hunter‘, finally aired its series finale and wrapped up the fates of the three main characters, ‘Kim Na Na‘, ‘Lee Yong Soo‘ and ‘Lee Jin Pyo‘.

On July 28th, the last episode of ‘City Hunter’ saw Lee Yong Soo (Lee Min Ho) block Lee Jin Pyo’s (Kim Sang Joong) revenge on ‘Choi Eung Chan‘ (Chun Ho Jin).

Lee Yong Soo was played into Lee Jin Pyo’s plan of revenge, and upon his discovery, he bellowed with sorrow and pointed his gun at his own head. In that moment, Choi Eung Chan’s bodyguard, ‘Kim Na Na’ (Park Min Young) yelled, “Stop it!

Choi Eung Chan knew he had to stand up for his punishment and so he pushed Kim Na Na aside, causing momentary confusion. Lee Jin Pyo seized the moment and shot his gun at Choi, only to see that his bullet was intercepted by Lee Yong Soo.

The surprised Kim Na Na returns fire and hits Lee Jin Pyo’s chest. Lee Jin Pyo yells out that he is the ‘City Hunter’, and points his gun at Lee Yong Soo and Kim Na Na. Fortunately, the two’s lives are saved when the remaining bodyguards shoot at Lee Jin Pyo, thus ending his life.

Afterwards, Kim Na Na decides to leave her position as a bodyguard, and wait for Lee Yong Soo to return. The couple experience a happy ending as the two reunite in the future, smiling warmly at each other upon the long-awaited reunion.

Did you watch the end of ‘City Hunter’? How did you feel about the series finale? Toss us your thoughts below!

Source: TVReport via Nate
Photo: Goo Hara’s Twitter