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CNBLUE Jonghyun in ‘Gentlemen’s Class’


SBS upcoming weekend drama ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ has released on scene cuts of CNBLUE‘sJonghyun!

Jonghyun will be playing the role of Collin, a Korean-American who grew up in Japan and holds a pivotal secret to the plot. His first scene took place at a club in Itaewon last month where he was recorded bumping into co-star Kim Ha Neul while drinking at the bar alone. Kim Ha Neul immediately recognizes him and tries to strike up a conversation, to which Jonghyun replies with a heart stopping smile.

Jonghyun was described to have been a gentleman on the set, stopping to personally greet each staff member while preparing for his scenes with thorough script readings. He was also spotted in lengthy conversations with PD Shin Woo Chul over the development of his character and observing the scenes of his senior co-stars.

The PD didn’t spare his praise, commenting, “Despite it being his first filming, he did fantastically.”

The drama’s production company stated, “Through the drama, Jonghyun will be playing a character of innocent nature who holds an unfortunate secret close to his heart. He’ll be showing a different side to him as an actor in contrast to the charisma he exudes on stage as a singer.”

Source: Star News 

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