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CNBLUE MinHyuk reveals the reason why he can’t sit on people’s laps

CNBLUE Minhyuk brought laughter to viewers as he confessed that he has an insecurity about his behind.

On June 7th, Minhyuk guest starred on KBS‘ ‘Happy Together 3‘ and discussed his insecurity by sharing, “I get a lot of stress for not having much of a butt.

He added, “When I sit on people’s laps, they tell me not to because it hurts.”

The episode humored the viewers when Minhyuk proceeded to demonstrate by sitting on the laps of some of the MCs and other guests on the show, who started screaming as soon as he sat down.

Meanwhile, this week’s ‘Happy Together’ featured stars from the drama ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly‘.



Source: Star News

Posted: belle @KOREA.COM