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CNBLUE The Beautifully Balanced & Very COOL,Talented Band in POTATO M. Check BLUE Brilliant~*

Hi to all our universal Boices..as you know by CNBLUE last concert as indie & their major debut in japan they attracted many attentions,we can see that in our site daily updating of their news,interviews,meeting &even movements..in a very fast progress..CNBLUE code name became well known beyond asia..as they’ll gonna attend event with Boices in  Australia on the 12th of Nov. & Europe in the 2012..i think in 2013 if i opened my bedroom window i’ll here their songs in streets..not oversizing it’s just a my faith in their talent,i believe all boices reading now are agree..it’s blue diamond power..so cheers[hawiting] to all our universal Boices..(~_~)b

CNBLUE in POTATO Magazine – Balanced,Cool and Talented Band!
CNBLUE is a genuine rock band from Korea and this is their first appearance in POTATO! Through the indie activities in Japan, they had their major debut in Japan with “In My Head” in October. Now we will approach their real faces!


Q1. What is your favourite food?

Q2. What do you think about yourself?

Q3. What are your hobbies and specialty?

Q4. What Japanese have you learned recently?

Q5. Where is your favourite place in Korea?

Jung Yong Hwa 정용화 :

A1. Samgyeopsal and Sashimi

A2. A person who make efforts to be a perfect person.

A3. My hobby is listening to the music. Recently, I like the electronically music like MGMT.

A4. I’m learning very hard just now, so it’s all I’m learning!

A5. Haeundae in Busan. The sea is beautiful.

Kang Min Hyuk 강민혁 :

A1. Doenjang-Jiigae and Hakata Ramen

A2. I’m very delicate.

A3. My hobby is the baseball, and specialty is sleep.

A4.「捧げる(Sasageru / To Devote)」「見つける(Mitsukeru / To Find)」

A5. I’d like people to see the sky from Haneul Park in Seoul.

Lee Jong Hyun 이종현 :

A1. Pudding and Mentaiko (cod roe)

A2. I’m very manly, I’m from Busan.

A3. My hobby and specialty are playing guitar.

A4. 「ダサい(Dasai / Ugly )」「カッコ悪い(Kakko Warui / Clunky )」

A5. Song Do (beach) in Busan.

Lee Jung Shin 이정신 :

A1. Gyudon (Beef Bowl) and Potato Snack

A2. Positive

A3. Eye shopping, just looking.

A4. 「教えて~(Oshiete / Teach me)」

A5. Ilsan Lake Park.


They spoke in fluent Japanese. Despite the cool-looking, they were warm-hearted and cool.

-The tickets for their last indie live concert which was held at Yokohama Arena on 25th September sold out right after the sales opened! CNBLUE is a top band from Korea who drove 15,000 audiences excited.

JungShin: “It was the first live performance after awhile in Japan. It was also out last indie live concert and I was really impressed.”

JongHyun: “That live concert reminded me that live concert is not made only by us, but we make it together our fans together.”

YongHwa: “Even more the stage was spinning, so we got more excited. We really enjoyed it”

MinHyuk: “The stage was a centre stage which was surrounded by the audience, the joy of live performance was exceptional.”

They dealt with MC in Japanese in between the live performances. “I’m not looking at a cheat sheet at all” (actually he frequently looked at it), said MinHyuk playfully.

As it is the first appearance in our magazine, please tell us about yourselves.

JongHyun: “YongHwa is always cool. He has style when he works and plays the music.”

MinHyuk: “JongHyun has an affinity, he makes me feel as if he is a big brother next door. He is fun and very reliable.”

YongHwa: “JungShin is always fun. He spreads ‘Happy Virus’. He amuses us three.”

JungShin: “MinHyuk is the same age as me in this group, we have things in common to talk about. He has a gentle nature. He is a good member and also the closest friend in the world.”

-CNBLUE has very unique background that came to Japan for the ‘knight-errantly (musha-shugyou)’ to build up their carrier where the band culture is rooted. What is the most memorable thing at that time?

JongHyun: “Everything! First of all, everything was very expensive. I didn’t know until now, I realised that the prices are lower in Korea.”

JungShin: “Especially, the travel expenses like trains and busses. The taxi is bad as it’s too expensive (laugh). We couldn’t take taxies.”

-I heard that you held street live performances actively after you came to Japan.

JongHyun: “I clearly remember when we first held street live performance. It was around Shinjuku Station. We had no audience. It was mortifying and me de us carried on.”

JungShin: “We couldn’t speak Japanese at all at that time, we talked by memorizing (like a script).”

YongHwa: “We spoke without knowing the meaning.”

JongHyun: “I have to say that there were worries, but we could make it as it was foreign country for us. Like ‘Let’s do it!’ We might have felt embarrassed if it was in Korea.”

YongHwa: “We performed at clubs and it was really good experience.”

JongHyun: “There are fewer bands in Korea, compared to Japan. We learned a lot from our experiences in Japan, like ‘Ah, we have to act like this.’ etc”

-YongHwa acted as Kang ShinWoo in the drama called “You’re Beautiful”, around the same time as the band activity. Was it difficult to consist with acting and band activities?

YongHwa: “When I was on shooting, other three had to manage activities as CNBLUE. At that time, the members lived in Japan for the ‘knight-errantry (musha-shugyo)’.

JongHyun: “So we envied YongHwa. Because he could have proper meals (laugh). We were always worried like ‘What should we eat tomorrow?’!”

MinHyuk: “I got homesick and envied that YongHwa was in Korea.”

YongHwa: “I felt lonely being apart from you all.”

-Have you seen the drama which was re-made in Japan?

YongHwa: “Of course. The story was a bit different, so it was fresh and interesting. How old is Mr. Daisuke Fujigaya who acted the same character as me? (heard that he is the same age) He looks young!”

-They got excited while reading POTATO. You made major debut, what do you feel right now?

JungShin: “I’m pleased that we now have a lot more opportunities to show our performances. It’s also fun.”

YongHwa: “I want to remain unchanged, just like we were as an indie band, and continue doing our best to perform at live concerts and prepare our new album.”

MinHyuk: “This is our real start, so I’ll just do my best!!”

JongHyun: “Our debut single “In My Head” has an impact. I think it can be like our “business card” for those people who don’t know us yet.”



-Lastly, please tell us what is prevalent thing among you all recently?

MinHyuk: “To watch dramas and films on ipad, right?”

JungShin: “I watch Japanese dramas. I currently like ‘Queen of Lunch’ which Ms. Yuko Takeuchi was a leading actress. I want to eat the rice omlet that was in that drama!”

YongHwa: (pointing at JungShin) “He keeps saying ‘rice omlet, rice omlet’ recently.” (laugh)

MinHyuk: “Also we play football games together.”

YongHwa: “I don’t play…”

JongHyun: “At the beginning, YongHwa played together, but he always got beaten (lost) by JungShin. So he was shocked and quit.” (laugh)

They talked genuinely till the end of this interview. They have talent and their real faces are also attractive. Once you’re touched with their music, I’m sure you’ll immediately become a fan!!


Credit: nuromianchaochi @ weibo
Translated by : CNBLove @ cnbluestorm, Post Credit To : fizzy @ cnbluestorm

Edit & Shared By : BairyTail@enkorea.com