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Korea TV drama Vol.50 Yonghwa&Shinhye’s Interview-

When Yonghwa was told that at Shinhye’s fan meeting(Birthday party) Yonghwa was not in best 4 of ‘ideal man selection’, he answered firmly, “I am absolutely OK.”
But then he said, “I’m disappointed. We spent hot summer together. We shared joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure(喜怒哀樂) together. Can I challenge ‘ideal woman selection’ too?” (All laugh)

Looking at Lee Shin’s poster.
Shinhye: “Wow handsome. Do you know who he is?
Yonghwa: “Huhuhu Shin was handsome.”
Shinhye: “Could you intruduce him to me?”
Yonghwa: “I don’t know him.”
(he was asked where Shin is then)
Yonghwa: Where he can be? Today at this event, I tried to become Shin, but I couln’t do well.
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