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[News] Lee Jonghyun: “Yun Jinyi and I are same age friends, I call her ‘MeAl-ah~’”

CNBLUE member and now an actor, Lee Jonghyun revealed his strong friendship with his co-star Yun Jini who is also the same age as he is.

Both made their TV drama debut as their respective characters in the SBS Weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”Lee Jonghyun as Colin and Yoon Jini as MeahRi. In the recent interview at OSEN, he was asked about their friendship. “Both of us are same age friends, and since this is our first drama, we rely on each other a lot during filming.” Lee Jonghyun, who looks so absorbed in his character continued,  “We call each other “Collin-ah”, “MeAl-ah”. So to me it’s a bit awkward to be calling her Yun Jini. I even saved her number as “Meahri” in my phone.”

Continue on, “I got to know about Meahri and I being the same age from this drama. And now senior Kim Haneul is ‘my tutor’ “ he said jokingly, that reminisce Kim Haneul’s character in “My Tutor Friend” (where she had to teach a student of same age as her).

In “A Gentleman’s Dignity” Lee Jonghyun plays “Collin” the son of the four gentleman’s first love Kim Eunhee (Park Jumi). “If Choi Yoon was to be my father, it would be good if the step mother is someone that I don’t know,” he said when Meahri was revealed as Yoon’s one-sided love. Collin was behaving courteous towards Meahri in front of Taesan (Kim Sooro) up to a point of calling her “noona”. However when they were left alone, Collin started to speak informally to Meahri which made her angry. Their continuous disagreements would seem like a “love line” would form, however there’s Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong) between them.

Lee Jonghyun explained, “At first I also thought Collin and Meahri would hit it off together. But seeing Yoon-Meahri couple, they really look good together. I’m also a fan and I see them from the viewer’s point, I was hoping there would be more intense scene between them, so that Collin could not bother the couple. Personally I did not want to interfere their relationship,” he said while laughing. “Our writer knew how I felt about this and during the scene when Yoon held Meahri at the airport, my song “My Love” was played as the background.”

In the related news, Lee Jonghyun himself sang “My Love” for the OST of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and the song has been doing really well even made an “ALL KILL“ on music charts.


Source: Daum
Translated by: fizzy+henna cnbluestorm

Posted : CNBLUE-Manager Korea.com