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[Project] Project Happy Virus: Lee JungShin’s Birthday Project

Hello Boices!

JungShin’s birthday is coming in about two months! We at CNBShin have already started the preparations and planning!

We have quite a bit in store for this project, including gift ideas (which we will keep secret for now XD), and a photo-messages book on the maknae’s different hairstyles.

activity – poll

So, which one of Jung Shin’s many hairstyles is your favorite? You can tell us by casting a vote!Vote for your favourite hairstyle of JungShin’s. Here are your ‘choices’:

1. Untouchable (Bluetory debut days)

2. Goddess Bob (Bluelove days)

3. JungShimba (lion king – First Step days)

4. Ponytail (Ear Fun days)

5. Long waves (Ear Fun LE)

Which one do you like best? Vote for your favourite! >>https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHZkMkpWekNOSV9tV08tdmR3VUExbWc6MA#gid=0




Apart from this little poll activity, we will also be compiling messages into a photo-messages book as part of this Project Happy Virus.

As this year’s theme is JungShin’s hairstyles, apart from your wishes/messages, you are also encouraged to write about his hairstyles, or talk about your favourite one. Maximum 50 wordsand please keep your messages short, sweet and straight-to-the-point. Send through your messages by filling up the form at the link below:

If you have questions, please reach us at @CNBShin on Twitter to get a quicker response. Alternatively you may also leave a message on our Facebook wall.

For kind BOICEs who wish to make a non-obligatory and voluntary donation of any amount, please email to cnbshin@gmail.com and we will make arrangements from there.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to your participation. Let us fill Project Happy Virus with lots of love! ^^

B, G & G @CNBShin

To read more about Prince JungShin, our birthday project last year: Tribute Post

We also made a video with the song, “To Be With You, which we wrote for JungShin.

YouTube Preview Image

Please note that this project is initiated by CNBShin, a sister site of CNBLUESTORM. No bias is intended by CNBLUESTORM, who is partnering CNBShin in support of this project and initiative. ^^


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