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[Trans] Elle Girl June’12 – Interview with MinHyuk

» In Weekend drama <MHGF> you acted as Cha SeGwang. This character has captured many women’s heart.

MH : Captured? Did I do that? (laugh) Actually, although I am a bit embarrassed about Cha SeGwang’s character who is a playboy, but there are some parts of him that I wanted to become. It’s because I don’t know how to treat a girl. In front of his mom, SeGwang did a lot of aegyo but he is also afraid of his sister. In real life, I have a sister, so when I am acting, I always remember my childhood life. Expressing realistically what I feel during my childhood days will do. When I am acting, I feel that it went smoothly too.

» In real life, are you afraid of your sister too?

MH : Nope, there are no secrets between us. Furthermore my sister never scolds me. In my family, you can talk about anything. So there is nothing that makes me at a loss. It’s just like having a university life with your same-age friends, that sort of feeling when you’re hanging out together. When you think this way, it’s not difficult to understand the character.

» <MHGF> has very high ratings, so the atmosphere during filming must be very good.

Every scene in the drama always has some new jokes in it, so all staff always compliment the writer saying that she’s very good. Because senior Yoo JunSang has both humor and brains, so I really like him. If there is a drum set around during our breaks, he will make me teach him drumming beats. The previous time he asked if I was tired. I simply smiled and looked at him. In the end he told MalSook to look at him the way I did next time. Senior Kim WonJoon then asked if he likes men. Haha

» Not too long ago, the episode where MalSook asked SeGwang to go out was broadcasted, actually SeGwang went to break up with her right? But because their hands touched, SeGwang’s face showed indecisiveness unconsciously, is this one of your ideas?

I always discuss with the director, how about if I do this, is it better if I do it that? We will include it if there is suitable idea.

» In real life, do you wish to have a girlfriend like MalSook?

Although it’s a bit strange if I say this…. but it is enough if I can have a girlfriend who is just like me. She has the same thoughts with me, the same interests. If it’s so I really can treat her very very very well.

» When talking about the charm of acting, a lot of actors always said “because I can live different lives”. In that way, what kind of life do you want to try out?

As an actor, in order to understand and grasp the character they always do many attempts. For example if I am a athlete, I will really study that type of sports. Compared to choosing what character I want to act as, actually I just want to immerse myself in the role which I play now.

» Until now there isn’t any character that made you have that kind of experience?

Now in <MHGF>, SeGwang feels entangled because of his feelings for MalSook. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m too immersed in the drama, recently I feel really entangled. But the character that really had me completely immersed in it, I think it’s probably is JunHee in <Heartstrings>. I’m really happy that I can try that kind of energetic character, but it’s very hard because I have to find my other self in me.



»Most of CNBLUE’s member has got acting experience, so will the members give their opinion on your acting?

To tell you the truth, we are the type who solve our own problem. Although sometimes I will let other member to help me with rehearsing scenes, but if we were to pick out what’s inadequate, we will realize that everyone is doing very well. And actually we’re not at the level who can advise each other, so we really work hard on our own. Yesterday we watched <MHGF> together, and they just said that this drama is very interesting.

» Are you the kind who can memorize the script pretty fast? Or the kind who does a lot of ad-libs?

Actually, I would like to do more ad-libs. HaHaHa. But now I still need to follow the script closely. But I should be the kind of person who can memorize the script pretty fast. It’s not that I memorize every sentence in the script, but I remember it by following the general context of the script. I’m pretty good at capturing the context of the script. But sometimes when the director requires me to follow the script closely down to every word, I will panic.

» When alone in the waiting room, what do you do to pass time?

Most of the times I read the script, or I listen to music, play games. Although I will play around with other members in the dorm, but usually I will be in my room by myself. I’m the kind of person who can really spend time by myself. JungShin is the kind who can’t even eat by himself, but for me I can even travel alone.

» I read the news saying you are trying to read more books when you are free. Recently what kind of books do you read?

Recently, I read the script everyday so I don’t really have time to read new books.I realised that I read books that I’ve read before much faster indeed. My favorite writer is a French author, Guillaume Musso. I have most of his books, so if I have the time I want to revisit them all again.

» Apart from music, acting,and books what else are you interested in?

Recently our members are working out really hard. Because when doing performances it’s important to manage our own physical strength, moreover it’s also for our own satisfaction. I really want a car but I have been enduring it. Other members are the same, seems like men are always interested in cars indeed. When 4 of us gather together we often talks about cars. When we see new cars on the road we would also marvel at it’s beauty, saying “It’s gorgeous”, and discussing about the car’s price, design, etc.

» Members are all of age now and has the means to buy a car. Why are you enduring it?

Actually it’s because we don’t have much time to drive. We are looking at cars because we like them, but there’s no plans to really buy one. We did think of forking out some money to buy a car for us to drive to the gym or the office, but we also thought that we might fight over who’s going to use the car, hence we aborted the idea before it even materialized.

» What’s the difference when fans look at you performing on stage and acting before the camera?

I’m very comfortable on stage. No matter what I’ve always performed on stage for a long time , so now even if I made a mistake I won’t panic and am able to cover it well, and have the power to get high together with fans too. But the strange thing is that I’m still not used to having a camera record our performances. If you look at my childhood photos, I was always crying because I’m afraid of being in front of the camera. Now I have slowly gaining confidence and have decided to stand before the camera, hence I’m not that afraid anymore.

» I’m curious as to what is the goal of CNBLUE’s Kang MinHyuk and actor Kang MinHyuk?

No matter what my ultimate goal is making music together with CNBLUE’s members. As for actor Kang MinHyuk, I hope to show everybody more sides of myself


Based on chinese translation by parishin
English translation by: cnblackyong
Edited by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm