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[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Burning JongHyun says Let’s Burn in Burning Summer

4:18 PM – 22 Jul 12

Hello. This is guitarist JongHyun. The weather has become warm bit by bit. I’m one person trying to live diligently and warmly while it gets warmer. Poob. Let’s all (burn in this?) burning summer~ It’s almost CNBLUE TIME now too? Charge towards the front of TV!!!!!!!

@CNBLUE_4: 안녕하세요.기타치는 종현입니다. 점점 날씨는 더워지네요. 더워지는김에 더 열심히 뜨겁게 살아보려고 하는 1인입니다. 풉. 다같이 불타는 여름~ 이제곧 CNBLUE TIME도 다가오네요? 티비앞으로 돌격!!!!!! http://t.co/06LN4b6F

Translated by Gera@cnbluestorm