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[Updated|Fanaccount|Photo] 111228 CNBLUE Ended “CountDown Japan″Successfully~*


1. Mr.KIA

2. Rain of Blessing

3. Illusion

4. Just Please

5. One Time

6. I Don’t Know Why

7. Kimio

8. In My Head

CNBLUE boys felt a little nervous but they played very rock style,especially YongHwa. He did head banging while playing guitar.

YongHwa: We are happy to be invited us such awesome rock festival.

JungShin: We are honored. We feel half nervous, half is happy.

First, they wore this clothes

Later, JongHyun took off his black leather jacket after Rain Of Blessing. His muscle arms is growing!!

[Before Just Please]

JongHyun: We saw another bands perform at the backstage,all are so cool~im happy to spend this 年末年始(year end & new year) with everyone like this.

JongHyun said “年末年始/nen matsu nen shi”(year end & new year) 2 times,it must be new japanese word that he learned recently.

YongHwa: Yes.they all are really cool. And then WE PUT ON A FIRE OUR ROCK SOULS. So, our Rock number,let’s go!

Then they played rock style songs, Just please~One time.

At One time intro YongHwa shouted ‘hashire’ (run!)

JongHyun jumping during One Time (recently he always jumping here). His eyes were hidden behind his bangs all the time.

Just Please has new heavy arrangement. JungShin’s rap in Just Please was dependable n powerful. His waving hair was so beautiful!

Minhyuk’s drum setting not that good. During performance, he’s fixing the cymbal. he even call the staff to fixed it. MinHyuk looks so pro hitting his drum while talking with the staff, kkk

Second half of Just Please, to fix the rhythm, MinHyuk hitting his drum while seeing Jungshin. He even talked with staff while hitting his drum.

Today stage setting & soundcheck were done by the staff not by CNBLUE themselves. So after they started playing, JongHyun & MinHyuk fixed their mic height, JongHyun fixed guitar volume & MinHyuk fixed his drum setting. So that maybe the reason why boys so nervous at first. But MinHyuk smile at near the end, fans feel relieved.

(Before In My Head)
MinHyuk:thanks for everyone’s cheer,i enjoyed today.Next year let’s being excited more cheerfully. MinHyuk introduced In My Head & Where You Are. MinHyuk said there will be more live concerts in 2012. (FNC Drummer are always incharge in band information)

YongHwa: At last final song, Let’s being excited..ummm, being excited until the end!
(YongHwa hit his lip mic,so he restate. JongHyun lol)

After CNBLUE performance end,  YongHwa said arigatou! & everyone Happy New Year!

There is some men in CNBLUE Tshirt or with CNBLUE towel and enjoying CNBLUEperformance, putting their hands up! Most were women, though :)

Ketch friend (not a Boice) said to her,”I like 2nd song, it’s Korean word song”. Unfortunately, 2nd song was Rain Of Blessing, an English Japanese songs. JongHyun english is kinda hard to understand sometime >.< keke

Another non CNBLUE fans was really impressed and suprised with CNBLUE performance, he said CNBLUE shouldn’t be categorized as Kpop and he will buy CNBLUE new single. He even asking either CNBLUE will performing at Summer Sonic^^. It was good they sang in Japanese and English, that’s acceptable by other rock fans.

Rockin on Japan editor said “CNBLUE is a really interesting band. There are almost 3 vocals, a free style band”

CNBLUE stamp pics

The Venue




credit To : @ketchburning + @happyTMG + @totoronyuu + @sweetluvlysmile @CNBurningHARU

Edited By: cnbjonghyun

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