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C-Real members strive to make their own names

C-Real members will work hard to make their own names in the singing world.

C-Real, who will return with their second mini album, recently said that they will try hard to make their own names through the album.

C-Real debuted in October of last year with popular Korean songwriters, including, Choi Gap Won, Kim Do Hoon, Brave Brothers, and Shinsa-dong Tiger’s help.

The group made its name with the title song “No No No No No” from their first mini album. But many people still don’t know the names of the group members. Because C-Real members are using stage names and people are confused about two similar names, Lenny and Re Dee.

Since “No No No No No” is a ballad which includes R & B soul, the song appealed to people who are in their 20s rather than to teenagers. The lyrics for the song are mature and it was little bit hard for the group to perform the song.

As a result, the title song “Joma Joma” from their second mini album includes more familiar lyrics. If “No No No No No” is a fine song which appeals to the people who are in their 20s, “Joma Joma” is a girlish song, which will appeal to the teenagers.

“If you listen to the song, you will remind of the musical Greece. We will tap-dance while performing the song with partners in great harmony. A brass band also joined to make the song more exciting. We will wear stage costumes and do our hair to go well with the song. We think the song will help us to make our names.”

C-Real members will try hard to promote their individual charms with style, clothes, hairs, and concepts.

Chemi has been wearing her hair bobbed since her debut. Effie is good at tap-dancing the most among the group members. She showed off her tap-dancing skills in their music video. Ann J will show off her cute charms and Lenny will show off her chic charms through the album. Lenny also joined making rap for the song “I like you” from the album.

The group members are confident in their album because they saw a ghost.

C-Real felt like there was a ghost when they were recording their songs in a recording room. In the world of singers, there is a belief that if a singer sees a ghost, they will be successful. C-Real talked about the ghost story.

“When we were recording our songs, an engineer said that someone is keep knocking the door. We didn’t move and there were only our group members. That freaked us out. Another thing is that we have a camera in our choreography room. The camera only works when there is a person in the room. But it worked at night when there was nobody in the room. A worker said that there is a ghost and we were very scared. But we think it’s a good sign. We believe the album is very good.”

The group members said that they want to rank first on a music program. Since there are lots of singers and they fiercely compete against each other, it’s not easy to be ranked first. But every singer wants to be ranked first on music charts. C-Real said that they will not rush and they will always be humble. Because if they keep working hard to get to the top, people will know about C-Real and the group members.

“If we rank first, we want to go on an Asian tour, European tour, and finally a world tour. We will try hard to make our dreams come true.”