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C-Real’s Re Dee is a member of KOMCA

C-Real’s Re Dee (17) recently became a member of the Korean Music Copyright Association.

On March 2, Re Dee tweeted a picture with the comment, “My efforts have been fully rewarded. I finally became a member of Korean Music Copyright Association. I will do my best not to cause any problems to the association.”

Even though she is very young, she became a rightful owner because she has written raps for songs, including “I Like You I Love You” from their second mini album Love Diary.

In the picture, Re Dee is raising her hand in a salute and making a proud face.

People responded: “Even though she is young, she has a great talent.” “I want to listen to the songs, which include her rap.” “Young people are very talented these days. I hope that they will be successful for a long time in the singing world.”