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Chun Dung of Mblaq turns into a pretty boy on C-Real’s music video teaser

Chun Dung of Mblaq made a special appearance on a teaser of C-Real’s music video that was released at midnight on the 4th. Chun Dung is lost in a forest just like in a fairy tale. His pure and innocent beauty of a pretty boy can be seen in the video.

C-Real became a key word search with Chun Dung. Debuting on the 12th, C-Real is a new girl group of Choi Gap Won producer, who is also a producer of IU. It is said that C-Real have pretty appearances and are also good at singing.

To prove their popularity, many questions are posted on various online music sites, video sites, and SNS channels.

A representative of C-Real says, “They consist of five members. It is surprising that they are already a hot issue even before the debut. Choi Gap Won tried his best to make this girl group known for singing. You can have your hopes up.”

C-Real will release their debut album on the 12th, and release the full video on the 10th.