• congratulations Kim Hyun Joong for your promotion to Private First Class Starting Sept 01, 2015 you truly deserves all the Best!

  • hyunlina posted an update from kimhyunjoong 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    2015-08-18 : 544 days to go until U:zoosin returns ! feeling positive! #waiting for KHJ #justice4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ …have a great KHJ day!

  • hyunlina posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    we are waiting for you Kim Hyun Joong… Fighting!

  • hyunlina posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    good afternoon my only One..Kim Hyun Joong


  • Happy weekend everyone, to our beloved Kim Hyun Joong we hope and pray for your safety everyday in your training it’s your 4th day today see you soon!

  • hyunlina posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Tomorrow may 12 will be a sad day to all of us, triple s and henecia will be missing leader, Kim Hyun Jooong for two years… though hard and sad, will keep the faith and be strong until we meet again in 2017, Have a safe military life KHJ, Leader!

  • hello..Keyeast have announced that our beloved Kim Hyun Jong will be enlisted on May 12, 2015. he will enter the military quietly, No fans activity. Visit our fanclub site for the details of announcement. gomawo.

  • aneong to all henecians and triple s sisters.thank for you for all your birthday messages for our kim hyun joong..we will close the project on May 15. hurry post now your birthday wishes. gomawo

  • we are launching our birthday project for our only ONE , Kim Hyun Joong !..watch out pretty aliens!!!! always visit our site to know the details. Happy KHJ day to all!!

    • happy days

    • hi dear….
      some followers of my page want to send their messages for hyun joog’s birthday project #5 & can’t leave account here so they asked me to do it for them….could you please tell me how could i send their message to you?! thanks a lot.

      • hi sandra606 first thank you for your friedns interest…yes you leave here thier message I will just copy it and paste on our page…
        by the way, can you ask them why they can;t post?? maybe we can solve it.
        but for the meantime,,,you n post it here

  • @4everhyun: Fans went to Ilsan jaksal on 31st and they’ve met Hj’s aunt. She said HJ is doing well staying with his parents.. @KHJ860606_fan: ”@cm5196:@hyunHolic Sanu

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    anneong to our dear Kim Hyun Joong whatever you do we hope you are happy and in good health. Waiting for you always ….

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    we have change our header , made by our pretty sister from henecia Brazil, thank you so much our dear Suelen Visconti!!! visit our site to see our new beautiful header.

  • hyunlina posted an update from kimhyunjoong 5 months ago

    anneong we have successfully completed our Project #4 , thank you for all your messages and soon it will be reached to Kim Hyun Joong, the video was made wonderfully by our sister Nevelina Qneve of henecia Bulgaria Thank you so much!

  • 2 more days to go!!! and will close our project #4 so post now your love notes to him

  • good evening our beloved Hyun we have launched our ”goodbye love notes” for his ms go over our site and participate if you you want to send him off with your goodbye love notes.

  • good morning..since KHJ will be enlisted on March 31 (as per notice draft he received), we have open the site for your love notes goodbye..post your your goodbye love notes for him on our article title: Project 4 Goodbye Love Notes for Kim Hyun joong. Deadline on March 28. Gomawo

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    Hi there! how is y’all doing? (I’m practicing an accent from Texas…)

  • orangerocket1 posted an update 6 months ago

    Hello everyone! Sorry l, but I had a lot of work, I’m very tired and my PC is not available

  • Afternoon all! I just saw the newest video of Dal Shabet:
    Dalshabet Dalshabet Girls & Be Ambitious 1080P
    YouTube ⋅ 04:44
    M!Countdown ~ Comeback Stage ♬ Dal☆shabet – Dalshabet Girls & Be Ambitious. So, until I finish installing my programs in my PC, I’ll be posting here, from my cellphone for you… ”From Russia with love”

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