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Dalshabet Jiyul’s doppelganger is Winnie the Pooh’s Piglet?

Dal★Shabet’s Jiyul recently found herself to be a new hot topic online when netizens began comparing her to Piglet of Winnie the Pooh.
In an online community bulletin board, members posted photos and videos of her resemblance to the cartoon character, provoking laughter among the members.
When Dal★Shabet debuted with “Supa Dupa Diva”, she was immediately noticed for her cute charms and looks.  She’s received the nickname ‘Cute Princess’ among most netizens.
Netizens commented on the various videos and photos saying “They look identical, they’re both so puffy”, “Really cute”, “They both have charming smiles” and “Aegyo overload”.
Credits: fydalshabet.tumblr