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[Notice] Chance to be Staff of DAVICHI fanclub !


Our fan club is offering you a chance to be a staff of Davichi fanclub and this is your chance up to become part of Davichi fanclub! :-)


The Fanclub Staff’s roles are:


1. Designing & decorating fanclub
2. Editing articles
3. Communicating with fans
4. Co-working with Manager


Staffs can be recruited only by managers. So, if there is no manager in a fanclub you want to apply, then please apply manager first!


If there is a manager in a fanclub where you want to apply for a staff, you can apply by sending private message to a manager.


For example if you want to apply staff : go to the fanclub and click (See details) -> manager -> send private message.


Please fill in the form below when you send private message to manager

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Nationality:
4. Active period during a day:
5. Email:
6. Korea.com Username:
7. Twitter Link:
8. Facebook Link:
9. Your blog address(if any):
10. Proof (how well you can do it):
* Please, Join the fanclub you apply for before your application


If you’re an eligible, qualified person, feel free to apply! ;)