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Name of Drama : Dong Yi

Official Site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/dongyi/

Plot Outline : This TV biopic traces the tumultuous life of Lady Choi Sook-bin, who was born as a lowly commoner but entered the royal palace to become a royal concubine where she shone ever so brilliantly. The life of her son, who is fathered by King Sook-jong, is also depicted as he transforms into the next king! Lady Choi Sook-bin gingerly and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal courts in order to survive and protect her son, who was fathered by the king. She raises her son into a well-balanced and educated person though strict discipline!

Main Cast

Dong Yi/Han Hyo Ju

Dong Yi is an inspirational tale of hope and triumph of the human spirit. During the Joseon Dynasty, Dong Yi has a peaceful and happy childhood until her father and brother are framed for killing nobles and executed. Determined to clear her family’s name, she enters the palace as a servant to find a court lady who could be the key to finding out the truth

King Suk-jong/Ji Jin Hee

King Suk-jong is the best absolute monarch in the Joseon Dynasty. he was only 14 years old, when he became a king. But he got the lieges under his thumb by superior leadership and wide knowledge. On the other hand he is a kind, delicate and nice monarch. He met Dong Yi for the first time on the royal occasions and fell in love with her who is smart and has a warm heart

Jang Hee-bin/Lee So Yeon

Jang Hee-bin enters the palace by help of Jo Sa-suk. She gains a King Suk-jong’s affection and bears prince Gyun. She maintain a rival relationship with Dong yi from beginning to end. She died after all by a poison.

Cha Chun Su/Bae Su Bin

Cha Chun-su does dose a post-mortem in the police bureau by day and is key personnel of the secret agent of broederbond named Geomgye. He is old friend of Dong-yi`s brother and gets a Dong-yi`s father`s trust. He insure a Dong-yi against risk whole life and devotedly loves

Seo Yong Gi/Jung Jin Young

Seo Yong-gi has a fair personality and is is a meticulous person. He appreciates Cha Chun-su’s ability and treats him humanly. But he feels betrayed because his father is murdered Geomgye. He helps Dong-yi several times with favor

Queen In-hyun/Park Ha Sun

Queen In-hyun has a warm heart personality but she is ostracized by King Suk-jong. She was thrown out of the palace in Gisahwangook and then she was restored again to the Queen. But she died of disease early. She cherishes and trusts Dong-yi, and helps her throughout her life in the palace