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Han Hyo Joo

The newest Drama in which Han Hyo Joo roleplayed is “Postman to Heaven”


“A single postbox stands alone in a wide field. It is postbox where many people who have lost their loved ones drop in letters for those in heaven. Ha Na is one of those people who comes again to mail a letter. She meets a young man called Jae Joon there. He tells Ha Na that he is the ‘postman to heaven’ and proposes that she help him with his work. His job is to convey letters and heal the hearts of the senders. As Ha Na spends time with him, her emotional scars are healed and the two of them seem attracted to each other. However, at that moment, Ha Na realises that Jae Joon has a big secret. Why is he working as a postman?”

Han Hyo Joo roleplayed as Jo Ha Na/Saki with Hero Jaejoong as Shin Jae Joon / Yuu

And she roleplayed too with:


  • Shin Goo as Choi Geun Bae
  • Kim Chang Wan as Lee Moon Gyo
  • Joo Jin Mo as driver (God)
  • Lee Doo Il as Goo Dae Bong
  • Park Yoon Shik (박윤식) as Yong Shik
  • Jang Jung Hee as Woo Sub’s mother
  • Baek So Mi as daughter-in-law
  • Kim Hee Yoon (김희윤) as Jae Joon’s mother
  • Kim Jae Rok (김재록) as shop owner
  • Oh Jung Won (오정원) as customer 1
  • Lee Il Sub (이일섭) as senior doctor
  • Seo Min Ji (서민지) as nurse 1
  • Jang Joo Yeon (장주연) as nurse 2
  • Kim Soo Wan (김수완) as Starbucks staff
  • Lee Soo Ryun (이수련) as waiter
  • Goo Bon Suk (구본석) as team leader
  • Choi Ok Soon (최옥순) as Geun Bae’s wife
  • Jung Yi Ahn (정이안) as Choi Gun Woo
  • Kim Yoo Yeon (김유연) as woman
  • Jo Sun Wook (조선욱) as Moon Sung
  • Jung Jae Jin (정재진) as old man 1
  • Kim Do Shik (김도식) as old man 2
  • Kim Sang Bin (김상빈) as Lee Seung Min
  • Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as young Woo Sub
  • Yook Mi Ra (육미라) as Moon Gyo’s wife
  • Uhm Min Woo (엄민우) as child
  • Lee Bae Gook (이배국) as doctor
  • Jung Ji Ah as nurse 3
  • Kim Ji Young (김지영) as counter staff


  • This production is a joint project between Korea and Japan.
  • Heaven’s Postman was first released in Korea in CGV theatres on November 11th, 2009, and later in Japanese cinemas on May 29th, 2010, before finally being broadcasted on SBS and TV Asahi.