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Dong Yi airs in Indonesia, achieving popularity like that of Dae Jang Geum

The MBC historical drama series Dong Yi, with Han Hyo-Joo and Ji Jin-Hee in the lead roles, is now playing in Indonesian home theaters.

Dong Yi has been airing on Indonesian TV channel Indosiar since the end of May. It has already gained an unexpectedly large number of viewers, raising questions like “Will it achieve the same popularity that Dae Jang Geum did in 2007?”

The Korean Wave in Asia has hit Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., but there has always been comparably less enthusaism in Indonesia after the big hit of Dae Jang Geum (with 40% of the viewing audience); even when other popular productions such as Grudge and Boys Over Flowers were broadcast, Indonesia showed only a vague interest.

Dong Yi is unlike the usual current TV drama series because it is firmly based on traditional Korean culture, engaging Indonesian viewers with deep Korean virtues. There are growing number of faithful viewers.

Although Dong Yi‘s overall audience share is only about 10%, the online bulletin board constantly shows enthusiastic exchanges of comments between fans. A Korean Cultural Foundation source says, “Rather than trendy TV dramas starring Korean-Wave actors, it would draw more attention to produce more series like Dong Yi that are uniquely Korean and unlike anything available from other sources.”

Source Nate by Sarah