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JYP Entertainment’s new weapon! JJ Project discusses the various lessons they received as trainees

JYP Entertainment‘s hot new rookie group JJ Project participated in an interview with Newsen where they briefly talked about their life as JYPE trainees. As many of you know by now, both JB and Jr. were chosen as the top winners from JYP’s 5th Auditions back in 2009, and the two ended up debuting together as a team.

JB said during the interview, “Up until now, I had a goal that I wanted to achieve so living as a trainee wasn’t so hard. The hardest thing was that I used to live very freely, but as a trainee, I had to adhere to lesson and practice schedules. It is obvious for this kind of career, but i think it was hard because I lived very freely prior to.

Jr. added, “Because I am the youngest out of three, I was always extremely loved, so living away from my family was very difficult and lonely. I didn’t have many friends in Seoul so I only went back and forth between the office and school everyday.

As everyone already knows, JYPE is famous for emphasizing the importance of education. Not only do they receive lessons in singing and dancing, their trainees and artists receive special lessons in language, reading, and even sex education. J.Y. Park himself recently made an appearance on SBSHealing Camp‘ and stated, “There’s a mandatory reading list for the kids. I made Rain read and scrap newspaper everyday. If their grades are low, they become disqualified as trainees.”

J.Y. Park also said that the trainees receive sex education, and JB and Jr. were no exception. JB stated, “When people hear sex education, they think of weird things, but a professional instructor comes in and gives us a very legitimate lecture”. He also added, “We receive sex ed about once or twice a year.

Not only do the trainees receive sex education, they also receive mental and psychological care so that they can be prepared for different situations that they may face during their careers as celebrities. JB said, “It helped me a lot during my trainee days. I learned to have control over my mind in any kind of situation.

Although the trainees may seem like they are being chained to the office, Jr. stated otherwise. He commented, “Time management, practice times, and other general things are very structured, but they do not impose in our personal lives. I liked that they gave us space.

Jr. also added, “If I tell them that I have something that I want to learn, they teach me. They care a lot about their artists.

Source & Photo: Newsen & JJ Project official Twitter