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[Korea.com] Chance to be a Staff of Dream High fanclub !!


Korea.com is offering you a chance to be a voluntary staff of Dream High fanclub and this is your chance to become part of Korea.com!





Please fill in the form below and send in your application to qtie14_ann@yahoo.com Thank you very much!

1. Which fanclub are you applying for?:
2. Which role do you apply(Manager or Staff)?:
3. Name:
4. Age:
5. Nationality:
6. Active period during a day:
7. Email:
8. Korea.com ID:
9. Twitter Link:
10. Facebook Link:
11. Your blog address(if any):
12. Proof (how well you can do it):
Please, Join the fanclub you apply for before your application.

These can be some examples of your proof:
> Your current or prior experience in participating in other fanclubs
> Show your plan on how you can make your Fanclub super-active
> If you’re currently managing a Fanclub, you’re welcomed

If you’re an eligible, qualified person, feel free to apply!