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Kim Soo Hyun shows off his manliness in a CF shoot.

In a TV commercial for SKT, Kim Soo Hyun turned into a TJ (tweet Jackie).

In the CF, he showed off his hidden manliness that he has never shown before on air. He had his hair put back and wore a black leather jacket to accentuate the powerful and sexiness.

Also, his line, “Song three dong is the best place to have 3G connect,” was charming enough to entertain the sights and hearings of the viewers.
To this a member of the SKT said, “TJ is the first attempt in Korean marketing so in order to deliver this concept effectively, we tried to make it witty and simple. Thanks to Kim’s charm, I think the CF has earned more popularity.”

Kim is to actively participate as a SKT’s honorary TJ every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm to share various kinds of talks with netizens.

Netizens, on the other hand, have shown much surprise. They expressed, “Kim looks completely different from Dream High’s Song Sam Dong,” “He makes my heart beat faster! He’s so hot,” “Do I get to tweet with Kim now?” and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim took on a role of the youngest Jampano in an action movie, Thieves.

Source btnnews by Ye Sul Kwak