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[Winners Announcement]Looking for K-Pop Fashion Experts? Dress up your favorite K-POP superstar!

A LOUD shout out to all our global k-pop fans – the trend setters, fashionistas, and fashionistos!  How well do you dress? Are you truly stylin’?  What does your fashion-o-meter say about your style? Poor? Average? Great?

To those who declare themselves to be ‘fashion experts’ – here’s your chance to expose your “fashionique” (fashion technique).  You will have a chance to ‘dress up your favorite k-pop star.’   Do you have what it takes to style-em-up?

Mutnam, Korea’s No.1 men’s fashion mall (www.mutnam.com), presents- ’DRESS UP YOUR FAVORITE K-POP SUPERSTAR’ a survey-event to search for 5 fashion coordinators with extraordinary  ‘fashion-sense’ to dress up k-pop superstars.

We trust that all our k-pop fans are fashion coordinated, and thus, we believe that all of you are eligible to become one of Mutnam’s top 5 fashion coordinators.  Do you have what it takes to bring your k-pop star to a new level of stardom, or will you decorate them with the ‘worst-dresser of the year’ award?  Here is an opportunity to dress-up your favorite star.  Go take the survey and don’t miss out on this chance to become one of Mutnam’s 5 K-Pop fashion expert.

To our five fashion-experts, Korea.com will award 5 autographed CDs. 

1. Event in Brief

  • When can I take the survey? January 11-21, 2012
  • Where can I take the survey?   Korea.com Website. Click HERE to take the survey.
  • Who can take the survey? All k-pop fans, basically everyone (no sign-up required)

2. Prizes for Survey Participants

  • Five K-POP Artist’s Autographed CDs for Top 5 Mutman Fashion Experts

3. To Take the Survey & Win Prizes (IMPORTANT: Please Read)

  • (Send application only once)

4. Essential TIPS to INCREASE your chance to WIN

  • Tip #1. After taking the survey, post a facebook comment.
  • Tip #2. After taking the survey, leave a tweet message
  • Tip #3. ‘Like’ Mutnam
  • Tip #4. The more you comment, the more you share, the more you tweet, all the better


[Winners Announcement]

Thank to all applicants for your participation. We hope you will enjoy Korea.com, the fastest source of Korean entertainment news. Here are the winners’ IDs for Dress Up?! Your Favorite KPOP Star events. Every winner will be received email from Korea.com as confirmation and then will be shipped right away. Winner’s present is Miss A Signed album.

[Winners ID]
keunsukoppa(New Zealand)
2. hamtang(Philippines)
3. joeypark(Italy)
4. minozjjang(Maxico)
5. pigamomo(Malaysia)

The Team, Korea.com