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[Winners Announcement]Live Broadcast of Wave K Super Rookies for 2012

Korea.Com Presents Live Broadcast of Wave K Super Rookies for 2012!!

Come watch your Rookie Stars win the award. During the live broadcast, winners’ name of vote event will be announced by Rookie. So, stay tuned to see if your name is called by stars.

While watching the live broadcast, leave your comments below. Don’t miss out on a chance to win an mp3 player. Increase you chance to win by writing more comments.

Any encouraging words for your Super Rookie?  Leave Comments below. Be one of the 19 winners to win a prize. 

1st Prize (3): MP3 Players.
2nd Prize (16): Rookie Star’s Autographed CD.
Winners to be announced on Korea.Com right after the live broadcast.  Stay tuned.

Vote event winners were announced! Go check!

Now, ‘Live Broadcast of Wave K Super Rookies for 2012′ is end. You can see recorded video below as well

Time Table

  • 00:11:50~00:25:35 = Led Apple
  • 00:25:40~00:35:24 = Brave Girls
  • 00:42:00~00:51:45 = B1A4
  • 00:52:38~01:04:50 = C-Real
  • 01:06:30~01:16:20 = Interview of 1st stage 4 teams
  • 01:37:50~01:47:20 = RaNia
  • 01:49:00~01:58:30 = M.I.B
  • 02:02:11~02:12:20 = My Name
  • 02:14:00~02:24:40 = Wind Hold Venus
  • 02:32:40~END = Announce winner + Encore stage


[Winners Announcement for Comment Event]

Thank to all applicants for your participation. We hope you will enjoy Korea.com, the fastest source of Korean entertainment news. Here are the winners’ IDs for Wave K Super Rookies Comment Event.

The Team, Korea.com

Prize #1: MP3(3) – ninjamgee(Australia) / ledapplejjang(Great Britain) / jmsupercute(Philippines)

Prize #2: Signed CD(2EA * 8Team)

B1A4 – maennew1(USA) / amulet(Korea)
MY NAME – star235(Malaysia) / rhodatajala(Philippines)
LED APPLE – myerlifo(Malaysia) / volumek(Indonesia)
M.I.B – orangelove(Malaysia) / diyana1990(Malaysia)
C-REAL – alvindectomy(Philippines) / maurscar (Chile)
RANIA – yiwei(Singapore) / albertjeey(Indonesia)
BRAVE GIRLS – cynthiocho(United States) / heeyoung15(Brunei Darussalam)
WIND HOLD VENUS – anndy(Malaysia) / futakoboshi(Indonesia)

* Winners will be notified personally by email soon!



****** Winner’s photos posted on Korea.com *******

They got the present safely! Thanks for your participation once again !!

Lim Ai Teng got a M.I.B Albim!!~

Maria Flores got a MP3 Player!!~

May Xiong got a B1A4′s Album!!~

Selvi Reynilda got a Wind Hold Venus’ Album!!~

Alvin Albert got a C-Real’s Album!!~

Nur Diyana got a C-Real’s Album!!~

Amira Azman got a LedApple’s Album!!~