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[04-20-2012][INFO] EXO’s Sasaeng Fans on the loose

(Seriously! these fans have to stop! they need some privacy too)
**Sasaeng fan took a photo of EXO-M’s dorm**
There is one fan recently posted at baidu tieba, saying that she/he has become a sasaeng fans for a few days, with three other girls which are the head of the sasaeng fans in China. The three girls started to follow Exo-m car on 1st of April, and when Exo-m got back to Beijing on 9th of April, the three girls have followed them back to their dorm. The three girls have the card of their apartment so they could easily sneak into their place. There is also a sasaeng guy fan every night waiting outside of Exo-m dorm.

photo from:facebook.com/EXOKandM

Credits EXO Philippines

Source: facebook.com/EXOKandM