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120514 EXO-K Sehun “I respect BoA-sunbaenim. She’s really an amazing person.”

[NEWSEN Reporter Kwon Su Bin| Photos by Lee Jae Ha]

EXO-K’s maknae SEHUN, real name Oh Sehun, Born April 12, 1994, Blood type O, Entered the SM Entertainment through the casting system. His specialty is dancing and in the future, acting.

We met EXO-K in a music program 2 weeks ago and had an interview with them. Chanyeol’s naturally lively personality made him talk a lot, while leader Suho became shy when asked about their debut. Sehun, who was quiet in between his talkative hyungs, was staying still thus capturing our attention.

Maknae Sehun who was sitting in the interview, frozen like ice, gives off a different feeling but a strong impression nonetheless. Sehun seems a little shy to go along with the interview, so we told him “Ah, you put your hair up today” and he gave us a cute smile in return.

When asked who cries the most among the members, it was maknae Sehun. Member Chanyeol said “Sehun cried when he watched High Kick”, which lead to Sehun giving another shy smile because of his member’s revelation.

When asked who are their most respected seniors, EXO-K members all mentioned male groups, but only Sehun mentioned senior BoA. “BoA-sunbaenim gives off a strong stage presence and an amazing performance. I have thought of learning that from BoA-sunbaenim. I just really think she’s amazing.”

When Sehun talked, it gave off a different feeling than the other members. “I may seem shy at first, but once you get to know me, I can also be an interesting person. I’m a polite and funny kid but I was really nervous thus I couldn’t talk a lot. I talk quite well when you get to know me.” Sehun stated. He has a strong passion for his activities in the future.

Source: http://www.newsen.co…205111707441002
Translated by: Aya @ CODE:EXO