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120518 6-Member Group EXO-K, The Aliens with Superpowers Have Started Their Invasion on Earth

“Who are you guys?”

The six boys who said that they had superpowers so naturally… “It’s like having become the main characters of ‘Marvel Comics.’” Kai(18) has the power of teleportation, D.O.(19) has the power of a beast, BaekHyun(20) has light, ChanYeol(20) has fire, SeHun(18) has wind, and leader Suho(21) has the power to control water,” they all say.

They are SM Entertainment’s new group EXO-K, who has released their first mini-album ‘MAMA’ in the first week of April and has made their mark in the music industry.

When asked “Who assigned you those superpowers?”, the boys bit their tongues slightly but replied carefully, “Lee SooMan.” Indeed, it was rumored on the internet that the SM representative Lee SooMan is a free mason.

The team’s name, EXO, is from the word EXOPLANET which stands for a planet outside of the solar system. Suho explained, “It means that we’re new stars coming from an unknown planet.”

EXO is composed of 12 trainees who trained at SM between 1 to 5 years. They are divided into EXO-K and EXO-M, who promotes in Korea and China respectively. Their title track ‘MAMA’ was composed by hit producer Yoo YoungJin and is receiving good reviews as it is reviving the genre of SM Performance.

“It’s an SMP that hasn’t been shown for a while. Though some say that the SMP that blossomed during the H.O.T. era is out of season, we think that it’s something fresh to the youth of today. We’ve given it our own color with a more majestic sound, Gregorian chants’ medieval melody, and our splendid dance.” (Suho, Kai, BaekHyun)

After H.O.T., TVXQ, and Girls’ Generation, EXO makes their debut four years after SHINee’s debut. The pressure must be great.

“During our March Showcase, we were so nervous to the point that we could have had a mental breakdown. We even forgot to introduce ourselves at the right time. We are worried that we won’t be able to follow our seniors’ footsteps and reach their level of success, but we’ll work hard.” (All)

EXO-K also has charms aside from music. Kai has a high-class dance performance, D.O. is a top-notch chef with his spaghetti and fried rice dishes, and Chanyeol and Sehun are the team’s mood makers.

Leader Suho, who attends the Korea National University Of Arts, is placed within the top 50 out of the 400 at the school in Gangnam. Baekhyun has a ‘variety-ready’ humor. He perfectly imitated Kwon Sang Woo, who appeared in the Spirit of Jeet Kune Do.

“SM not only looks at talent, but also considers personality and impression as important aspects as well. We receive personality education. Before our debut, we volunteered at an elderly home near our dorm with our manager for six months. We also learned sign language at a school for the deaf and had a fun time with the preschool children.” (Chanyeol, Sehun)

Finally, EXO revealed that their goal was to have their music be known to the whole world like the other artists from SM Entertainment who lead the Hallyu wave.

“We want to take after SHINee’s stylish appearance, Super Junior’s variety skill, and TVXQ’s magnificent performance. But before that, we will have to win the rookie award.”

source: DongA || translations by: GuardianAngel@CXO