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120611 New Popular Hallyu Group EXO-M Unveiled in China. Chinese-Korean Pretty Boy Fashion PK

[REVIEW] Popular Korean group EXO-M, who’ve barely debuted two months ago, unveiled themselves for the first time on Happy Camp. They immediately received many fans’ love. This group of after-90′s generation flower pretty boys’ handsome fashion will lead the new Hallyu wave.

In Happy Camp’s episode preview last week, it was revealed that Xuan Yuan Jian’s film crew will be guesting on the show. Many fans have been waiting for a long while, but they didn’t expect that last Saturday’s guest was actually a group of completely new, handsome guys — popular Korean group EXO-M. Even though there was no Hu Ge, Liu Shishi, Lin Gengxin etc., the handsome EXO-M members became eye candy for many.


Popular Korean group EXO-M, who’ve barely debuted two months ago, first unveiled themselves in China through Happy Camp. They immediately received many fans’ love. This group of after 90′s generation flower pretty boy’s handsome fashion will lead the new Hallyu wave.

Luhan, Kim Minseok


EXO-M full group Names (left to right): Tao, Lay, Xiumin, Luhan, Kris, Chen

A simple shirt or tee shirt correctly paired can bring out a man’s casual appearance without losing the handsome feeling.

Handsome EXO-M

EXO-M member: KRIS

Bright yellow trench coat + striped undershirt


The Lord Leader of the group looks like the male lead who walked right out of a manga; having the perfect height, exquisite facial features, and a complimentary fashionable appearance, he’s definitely “tall, wealthy, handsome”! Bright, candy-colored colors sets off KRIS handsome* features.

Lord Leader

Leader KRIS

EXO-M members: TAO, KRIS


Tao’s indigo tee shirt; Kris’ white shirt + black long jeans


The simple color arrangements became the highlight for this album concept. These same shirts set off the men’s good looks. A simple tee shirt sets off Tao’s cool, languid feeling.

EXO-M member: CHEN

Left: sweater with patchwork colors + white tee shirt + black slacks

Gray next to red patchwork adds a bit of vitality to the dignified Chen. Even though Chen is a native Korean, his appearance and fluent Mandarin frequently makes people mistake him for Chinese national~

EXO-M member: LAY

Right: Navy blue suit jacket + gray modal** tee shirt + black casual pants

The arrangement of cool colors added a cool, fashionable feeling. There is no way that it won’t move a person’s heart. LAY is a handsome Hunan boy, a guy in the “warm category” with a slight bit of cuteness

EXO-M member: XIU MIN

Left: Striped tee shirt + patchwork jeans + boots

It looks like a casual arrangement, using an unique individual fashion to add to the fashionable feel.

EXO-M member: LU HAN

Right: Jean shirt + tee shirt with playful elements + jeans + high top canvas shoes

A relaxed casual arrangement, leisurely and cute. Luhan is one of the top favourites amongst the Chinese fans, other than the tall handsome leader, it’s this “blank cute category” guy who gets most of the fans’ hearts!

EXO-M member: Lu Han

Baseball jacket + jeans

The clothing of an athlete, showing off a cool, lively feeling.


EXO-M member: LAY

Retro shirt + black pullover + black skinny jeans

A low-key, elegant fashionable feeling which you can identify just from the decorative collar itself.

EXO-M member: CHEN

Black tee shirt with words + jeans

The clothes of a relaxed boy-next-door, adding onto Chen’s approachability.

EXO-M member: XIU MIN

Straight neckline striped shirt + black narrow pants + retro flats

The simple arrangement has the classic Korean guy’s lazy fashionable feeling, casual yet not lacking in a sense of fashion.

(author: hai hai / source: Chinese Media Network / Chinese Media Network Director: Liu Hai Yan)

* this word is a more “manly” version of handsome

**a type of fabric made out of cellulose


translation credit: taozi @ CODE:EXO

edited by: NovemberSnow @ CODE:EXO

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