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[NEWS] 120508 Newcomer’s Music Chart: EXO-M topped every category, who touched your coconut?

Newcomer’s Music Chart: EXO-M topped every category, who touched your coconut?

Qu WanTing, finally gave out the first position on the newcomer’s music chart with her new single, [Drenched] after releasing her full length album, occupying the position for N weeks. The new champion however, is not a dark horse, but a band which has worked hard and actually has potential after Qu WanTing. This week, after EXO-M’s [MAMA] have killed the judges, the online poll and sharing segment, topping in all three aspects, of course dominated the No.1 for the new comer’s music chart. Anyway, we have to admit that the handsome faces of EXO-M are the exact reason why people are attracted to them because most of them are “visual animals”. It is indeed a very good self-marketing scheme, coupled with the ambitious S.M Entertainment’s investment in them; we can see that the first step of EXO-M’s battle can be counted as quite a successful one.

Similarly, fans that are “visual animals” are not only referring to those who will scream whenever they see handsome guys and those young teenagers who will chase after their idols. Even the more matured fans are attracted to the colorful MV; some even said that in America, over 70% of the music lovers were willing to spend money on music due to the impact of the MVs. Thus, it does not matter if the information is from America or because of the new comer’s chart highlight. It is telling us that listening to music has transformed into something which requires both watching and listening at the same time. In this week’s newcomer’s music chart, an unknown band “Hey!!!” took the third position in the chart with their song, [Large Coconut]. Among them, [Big Coconut]’s position in each category are all no.4, position no.9 for the online poll. Before it was featured on the new comer’s music chart, [Large Coconut] was already a hot topic amongst netizens on weibo, renren and various social networking websites. If EXO-M’s [MAMA] is the champion because of the member’s handsome faces, a good piece of music with a creative MV is also the key to a good piece of work. At the same time, it also once again confirmed the arrival of the era where looks* are essential if you want your music to be popular. [Large Coconut]’s MV is interesting yet straightforward. Who knows that one little coconut can represent this many things like material, desires or dreams and etc.? The MV is not only humorous, but also approachable to people. People who have seen the MV might not help it but to ask such new internet language like “Who moved your coconut?” This is a good MV that can produce an extension of the effect.

Remember when someone asked Lui Yao why she chose to be together with Zhou YunPeng? She replied, “Because he is interesting. Do you know how difficult it is to find someone who is interesting in life?” Interesting things will always attract us whenever it appears interesting to us, whether it is dating or “watching” music. Hey!!! ‘s song [Large Coconut]’s MV has already shown to us how people will be interested in interesting things. The recent release of their MVs for [End Love], [This Too Shall Pass] and [Needing Getting] by OK Go band from abroad is even more creative, humorous, exaggerated, colorful and have daring messages, attracting many music lovers to view it and also sharing it at the same time. Fine then, in the era where looks* are all it matters, being creative will definitely potential to spread throughout the internet and the world. It does not matter whether you have handsome faces like EXO-M or have MVs like Hey!!! and Ok Go.

T/N: looks* refers to the album packaging and interesting MVs.

Source: Sohu

Translated by: PearlynC @ CXO