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[NEWS]Exo M at Beijing Airport (fan account) from 120424


“Luhan had noodles on the plane, fan said he eats really fast, she wasn’t even halfway done with her noodles and luhan was already moving on to his yoghurt. When she was done with her yoghurt he was already done with her meal. Also Luhan falls asleep really fast. Both Luhan and Kris have their heads down when sleeping, not leaning against the back rest.”

Credit:  cr: L鹿萌M

“Yixing was walking behind all of them and the manager wanted him to walk faster so he pushed the crowd away to make a path and a visitor scolded him asking “why are you pushing” and yixing turned over the apologize hahahaa”

Credit:  晓菲那个厚木头

Credit: exokm.wordpress.com

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