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FTISLAND Draws Biggest Audience for Mezamashi Live in Japan

FTISLAND performed at “Mezamashi Live” that was held at Odaiba, Tokyo on 28 July, heating up the passions in Japan.

“Mezamashi Live” is Fuji TV’s summer outdoor concert and this is also the 2nd consecutive year that FTISLAND has participated in it. Last year, the members proved their popularity by attracting about 10,000 fans to the event, breaking a record in history for “Mezamashi Live”. This year, they broke the record once again and created a big sensation in Japan.

FTISLAND started off their performance with “STAY”. The back of the crowd extended far beyond what the cameras could capture while FTISLAND performed many other songs like “PAPER PLANE”, “LIFE”, “NEVERLAND”, “Boom Boom Boom” and their new single title “TOP SECRET” that is slated for release on 8 August. Their stage reached its peak when everyone started singing along with the band.

FTISLAND commented that, “Many people came to watch Mezamashi Live last year and it was still vivid in our memory. We’re really thankful that many people came this year to support us as well. We have even prepared 2 more songs for the encore segment.”

During the encore segment, FTISLAND performed “Barae” and “Flower Rock”, displaying the passionate spirit of their live performance.


Credit: Sports Chosun + ying1005@withtreasures