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1 vs. 100: FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki fails in the final round

Lee Hong Ki unfortunately failed in the final round on 1 vs. 100. As he failed, another contestant grabbed 8,850,000 won in prize money.

In the episode of KBS 2TV’s 1 vs. 100 that aired on February 28, Lee appeared as a celebrity contestant and solved questions one by one.

He finally went to the eight round and confronted another contestant one on one. The question given in the eight round was: “This number indicates a process of one getting connected to another in the network of collaboration, and it’s named after a Hungarian mathematician. What is the name of the number?”

However, Lee didn’t know the answer for the question and chose number two, Dedekind numbers, as an answer, saying, “I don’t think number three is a Hungarian name. I’ll just push my luck.”

He chose number two but the answer was number one. Lee eventually failed in the final round before winning fifty million won in prize money. As he failed, the contestant became the last man standing, the final winner.

Lee expressed his sad feeling, saying, “Is there any prizes for the second?” However, he also said, “I was so nervous that my muscles tensed. It was really fun and I feel great that I did something meaningful.”