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f(x)’s Luna – “Farting Made the f(x) Members Closer”

Take f(x)’s advice if you want to become closer with someone and pass the gas!

The f(x) members stopped by the SBS FM radio show Park So Hyun’s Love Game on July 16.

During their appearance, the members took time to take in questions from listeners and give their advice.

Among the questions asked by a listener that day was, ‘Is it OK if I start farting in front of my boyfriend?’

DJ Park So Hyun than asked the f(x) members when they started openly passing gas in front of each other.

Member Luna candidly shared, “Our dance instructor normally farts and burps very freely and we soon began following suit. I think things naturally progressed like that as we wanted to become closer with each other. For us, it’s thanks to farting that we were able to become closer faster.”

When Park So Hyun then asked who was the first to begin openly passing gas among the members, Krystal responded, “There wasn’t a specific member who began first but [we all] just began to openly pass the gas,” making the studio laugh.

We’re wondering if air fresheners are needed if one ever gets to visit f(x)’s dormitory!

Photo credit: SBS

Source: Mcountdown