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Gyaru makeup of f(x)’s Victoria: She shows off her dollface

f(x)’s Victoria has recently showed off her look with Gyaru makeup on.

On January 22, Victoria uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “Hi, everyone! Victoria is now in Shenzhen, China. Happy New Year!”

In the picture, Victoria is showing off her dollface, which is created by Gyaru makeup. With her hair dyed a bright color, she is wearing heavy eye makeup. She looks even fancier with her nails painted black and white.

It’s been reported that she was nicknamed “the queen of eye makeup” because people couldn’t see Victoria’s former look in that picture.

People responded: “That is really heavy makeup.” “She is really the queen of Gyaru makeup.” “I cannot see anything but her eyes.” “She looks like a doll, though.”

Victoria has recently been cast in a Taiwanese drama series, The Prince of the Lost Castle (working title).