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High Kick 3 star Lee Jong Suk fancies Krystal?

Actor Lee Jong Suk made a surprise confession that he has a crush on f(x)’s Krystal.

On the episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News that aired on December 10, High Kick 3 stars Lee Jong Suk, Krystal, and Park Ha Sun appeared. When Lee was asked why he and Krystal look like a couple, when they are siblings in the series, Park took the question and quipped, “It’s because he fancies Krystal.”

Park exposed his crush, gushing, “He had fancied me before High Kick 3 started, and started to fancy Krystal by the time the series started. Now he has eyes for Kim Ji Won.” The embattled Lee rebutted, “No, It’s Krystal,” which made people laugh out loud.

The reporter Seul Gi asked if there was any standard of switching his crush, Lee replied, “Krystal’s waiting room is next to mine.” However, Park embarrassed Lee, saying, “We all use the waiting rooms next to one another.”