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Luna Reveals her Latest Reading Book

f(x)’s Luna updated the group’s official me2day, talking about her latest reading book to her fans.

Luna posted, “I like to read books so much these days that I think, ‘I wonder why before this, I didn’t like to read books?’.. So whenever I meet anyone these days, I ask them, “What books do you read these days?” ~♥ hee. “It Hurts because it’s Youth” is a new book unnie gave me as a present, and I’m going to start it today ♥ Everyone spend their April happily~♥”

Fans commented, “Luna, you look so pretty!”, “Unnie, you like to read books? We have the same hobby!”, “Unnie spend your April well, too!” and more.

Credits: me2day.net/fx_luna

Photo Credits: me2day.net/fx_luna

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang