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Sweet yet wild Soo Jung turns into innocent girl on High Kick 3

Wild Soo Jung(played by Krystal) gave a good laugh by changing into an innocent girl.

On the episode of MBC TV’s daily sitcom, High Kick, Short Legs Counterattack, which aired on January 26, Soo Jung acts nice so she can go to L.A.

Since Soo Jung wants to go back to L.A so much, she decides to use his father(Ahn Nae Sang)’s friend. She heard that Naesang’s junior in school, Seo Hyun(played by Yoon Seo Hyun) is looking for a babysitter. So she decides to be nice and follow her back to L.A.

So Soo Jung dressed in pale and tidy clothes instead of her hot-pants, and fixed her hair nicely and turned into an innocent girl. She also captivated Seo Hyun’s heart with her drawing and knitting.

However, the whole family felt uncomfortable about Soo Jung acting this way and expressed their discomforts. Especially, Jong Seok(played by Lee Jong Seok) explicitly made fun of Soo Jung.

Despite her efforts, Soo Jung ended up not going to L.A. She was very upset, so she immediately changed her long skirt into hot-pants and came back to her normal self.