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The vice-president of Oricon says, “Girl’s Day has great potential of success in Japan”

The vice-president Yoneya of Japanese leading music chart Oricon talked highly about exclusive concert of Girl’s Day in Japan.

On December 10, vice-president Yoneya of Oricon complimented Girl’s Day’s concert in an interview with a Japanese media, according to the group’s agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, on December 13.

Yoneya said, “Many Hallyu artists are already actively working (with excellent looks and performances) in Japan. But I felt something new from Girl’s Day, unlike any other ‘idol’ groups.”

“When I read their files in advance, I simply thought they were a pretty ‘idol’ group giving good performances. But after seeing the concert with my own eyes, I could tell right away that they have excellent looks, as well as great talent in singing and choreography. It was all I expected of a Hallyu artist. I could also tell that they’ve been trained well and systematically.”

About the group’s potential success in Japan, Yoneya commented, “Many Hallyu artists are attracting attention in music market in Japan with their great performances. Among them, Girl’s Day shows outstanding dance and singing skills as an ‘idol’ girl group.”

He also showed expectations over the group, saying, “Just like the group has shown through the concert, it shows distinguishing features from other girl groups debuted in Japan. It appeals in various ways as a group then features cute, gorgeous looks and sometimes sexy on individual stages.”

In addition, he said, “If the group sings in Japanese, it will have far more possibilities of success in Japan.”

On December 10, Girls’ Day gave an exclusive concert at Shibuya O-East with 1,200 fans in the audience.