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Ha Ji Won, 33, says, “I don’t know what marriage is”

Actress Ha Ji Won recently talked how she feels about marriage.

On March 8, Ha attended a press conference for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series The King 2 Hearts and was asked about marriage. Ha replied that she doesn’t know yet.

Ha plays the role of a North Korean instructor for the Special Forces named Kim Hang Ah. She said, “Since I’m trying hard to embody my character wonderfully, I even dreamed that I was forced into a political marriage like the series.”

Ha added, “I know that I’m old enough to marry but I don’t know what marriage is. People tell me about getting married but since I don’t what marriage is, I’m not thinking about getting married yet.”

Kim Hang Ah, that Ha plays in the series, became a legend in North Korea after she survived from the Special Forces. She joins in a unified team of North and South Korean players for the world officer contest. Then she meets Lee Jae Ha, the prince of South Korea. Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi will play the role of the prince.

The series is about a North Korean instructor for the Special Forces named Kim Hang Ah (played by Ha Ji Won) and a South Korean prince named Lee Jae Ha. They have a deep seeded prejudice against each other, but they will ultimately fall in love.