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Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi make a good team in The King 2 Hearts

The popular drama series The King Two Hearts, currently airing on MBC, looks to win the war to achieve higher viewer ratings than other outstanding rival series in the same time slot.

On March 26, the Kim Jong Hak Production Company revealed photos of Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi immersed in committing scripts to memory.

In the photos, the two look fully absorbed in the scripts, memorizing their lines and analyzing their character.

With two episodes aired, Ha Ji Won has attracted high praise for her natural-sounding North Korean dialect and intrepid action performances, while Lee Seung Gi also showed ever-improving, inspired performances. They are both working very hard, the production crew said.

Moreover, Ha and Lee are very open to direction. Sitting side by side with Lee Seung Gi, producer Lee Jae Kyu is explaining his opinion about Lee’s character. Through scores of discussions and conversations, they are striving to create natural characters that can arouse empathy among viewers.

“The two actors’ passion for getting into character is amazing. Such enthusiastic passion is well reflected in their inspired performance in the series,” someone from the production company says.