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Ha Ji Won appeals with her “two-faced” charm

Recently, actress Ha Ji Won has revealed a self-portrait in which she is showing off a half of her face.

On April 9, Ha uploaded a picture on Weibo and commented, “Da jia hao. It’s been a while.”

The star is covering half of her face with a picture; the picture, itself, is also Ha’s self-portrait torn in half in which she appeals with an innocent beauty. As opposed to her image in the picture, her fancy make-up with an emphasis on her red lips is creating a big contrast.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “She reveals only a half of her face, but appeals with a full beauty! She looks gorgeous.” “Ji Won unnie looks pretty in whatever she does. She has a ‘two-faced’ charm.” “I like Ha Ji Won in both sexy and innocent images.”

The actress currently plays Kim Hang Ah, the special forces instructor of North Korea in MBC’s TV series The King 2 Hearts.