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Ha Ji Won changes into a queen in a traditional evening dress

Actress Ha Ji Won changed into a queen in a traditional evening dress.

On April 11, Kim Jong Hak Productions, the production company of MBC TV’s drama series The King 2 Hearts, released some pictures of Ha dressed in a Korean traditional evening dress that queens wore in the old days.

The dress Ha is wearing in the pictures is a dress when queens of the Joseon period wore when they got married. It’s made of red silk and embroidered with phoenixes. However, she’s making the viewers curious as she looks worried in the dress.

This scene was filmed on March 28. Because of the heavy dress, Ha had a difficult time walking, but she encouraged the tired crew with her bright smiles.

Kim Jong Hak Productions says, “As Ha appears in a queen’s evening dress, many viewers are curious about the next episode. There will be a dramatic reversal in the seventh and the eighth episodes that will air on April 12. It will be very thrilling and interesting.”