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Ha Ji Won reveals a cute picture and shows off her charms, “Hello comrades, I am a flower-like woman.”

Actress Ha Ji Won is making men’s hearts flutter with a cute picture that she took herself.

On the afternoon of March 22, Ha uploaded a picture on her me2day page and wrote, “Did you enjoy the first episode, comrades? Don’t shrink away from me now. I am a woman like a magnolia.”

Wearing a black cardigan and a floral-patterned skirt, Ha showed off her womanly charms and posed cutely by holding hot packs to each of her ears.

Currently, she plays the role of Kim Hang Ah, an instructor for the North Korean Special Forces, on MBC TV’s The King Two Hearts. She is receiving especially good reviews from fans because she sounds very natural speaking with a North Korean accent.

Netizens commented: “Comrade Hang Ah, aren’t you just too cute?” “I love The King. I heard you speak with a North Korean accent fluently. That’s awesome.” “I can’t help but fall for your charms, Ji Won.”