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Ha Ji Won signs up to make cornea donation

Actress Ha Ji Won signed up to make a cornea donation in 2005 and is getting belated attention.

Ha signed up to make a cornea donation after she died through the Korean Organ Donor Program in January, 2005. She persuaded her manager to sign up as well and drew a lot of attention at the time.

In 2005, Ha said, “I may have lost sight in my left eye because my cornea was damaged in May of last year(2004). I was really touched by a prisoner when he sent me a letter saying that he wants to donate his cornea. I want to cheer up visually impaired people.”

She added, “Only 150 people a year get cornea transplant but we have to import corneas from foreign countries. That made me sad and feel sorry.”

Ha recently appeared on KBS’s Win Win and talked about when she was in danger of losing sight in her eye. She appears on MBC’s The King 2 Hearts and her movie Korea will be released in May.