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On ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Ha Ji Won looks just like a North Korean

Ha Ji Won arrived in Seoul, South Korea, in a pink hanbok.

In the 5th episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series The King 2 Hearts, which will air on April 4, Ha will show off her elegant charms in a hanbok.

Since Ha has recently been wearing a North Korean military uniform or WOC uniform, many people are paying attention to her and wondering what she will look like in a pretty pink hanbok.

When she shot the episode, she showed off her beauty in a pink top and black skirt. She was holding a fur scarf and looked like a daughter of a senior officer in North Korea. Pictures of Ha wearing a hanbok made people curious as to why she visited Seoul in a colorful hanbok.

The scene was taken on March 14 on Jeju Island. Ha tied half of her hair back and wore black high heels. When she appeared on the set wearing a hanbok, she surprised the entire crew. Since she was wearing a hanbok  her attitude changed180 degrees and she performed calmly and elegantly.

The crew members praised her for playing Kim Hang Ah, who enjoys the warm and sweet smelling air in South Korea. Many people eagerly anticipate seeing Ha, who will be perfectly transformed into her character as a North Korean girl.

Kim Jong Hak production for the series says, “Even though she has been wearing a military uniform so far to portray female North Korean officer, she will show a more varied side from now on. After her arrival in Seoul, the series will be more enjoyable.”